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Java developers are among the greatest need of programmers. Their services are in high demand because Java, the programming language, can be used to build an infinite number of systems which include desktop, web browser, server-side, and cell phone applications. Most games are created using Java technology. IT (information technology) recruiters say that they are kept busy trying to fill positions for Java Developers.

Although Java developers are hot commodities, there remains the problem of finding the one that meets a company's needs. The skill sets of developers are so varied and so wide that it is a huge undertaking to find the right candidate. Java's versatility and broad functionality means that each Java developer will be different than the next. Basically, when the right programmer is found, the pay can be quite high. In some instances, we saw companies paying $140,000 US per year plus excellent benefit packages.

Interestingly, many companies are also looking for Java developers that extend beyond the typical “technical wizard”. While they need to be conversant in the language and of course competent, today's projects require interaction with the end-user. They must also be aware of the personal interface of Java applications, which requires another skill-set other than just programming. Understanding the customer or end-user has become a key criteria in the job description of Java developers.

The other thing that is unique about Java is that it is continually evolving. Just because a developer has “x” years of experience does not necessarily make him a better programmer than a recent graduate. It all depends on what the project entails. Therefore, many IT specialists and recruiters are recommending that Java developers hone their skills and keep up with certifications. Employers want to be sure the candidate is properly trained and equally competent for the position. And since there are many more jobs than there are Java developers, training is important.

Recruiters also indicate that job applicants should provide very detailed information regarding specific projects on which they have worked. That is not to say that they should divulge proprietary information, but the specifics of their abilities are essential to obtaining an interview.

Another curious point is the fact that sometimes years of experience is not required to land the position. Many companies have indicated that they would much rather hire recent computer science graduates and train them to their own standards. Apparently, if the candidates are accustomed to a programming environment, it is not that difficult, and often advantageous for businesses, to just grow their own Java developers.

Oddly enough, even though we found some very high paying jobs for Java developers, a common complaint seems to be that companies expect too much for too little. Developers perceive the wages as low pay. They feel that with several years experience they should be able to command much more from businesses. On the other hand, IT recruiters state that things have changed since the internet's boom, and developers should recognize that the pay is considerably less. Whether there are plenty of jobs for Java developers or not, circumstances are such that developers need to be realistic. No doubt, this debate will continue as everyone thinks he/she is underpaid!